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Dance your Life Journey: From Birth until Death

This workshop is centered around a guided dance exercise through your life (with all its ups & downs). Our goal is to connect to the eternal you that has been the witness to all your experiences! This session will be completely unique to each individual. While you are healing at the subconscious level, you will be able to experience what is meaningful in your life, and let go of what is temporary. 

The Four Agreements (inspired by the book): Explored through Dance

A 2-Part Series: The Four Agreements (inspired by the book): These four agreements can change your life: Be Impeccable with your Word, Don't take anything personally, Don't make Assumptions, and Always do your Best. We will unpack these four agreements, dance them out, and realize the magic they can unlock. 

For Dancers: Fall in love with dance again

Most dancers start dancing because they love to dance and because of the feeling they get when they dance. Often when dancers pursue a professional career, the pressures of that goal can create fear and blockages that hamper their ability to perform to their best potential, take away from the joy of dance, and negatively affect their happiness in other aspects of their life. I lead workshops to help dancers let go of their fears and the unhealthy pressure that they put on themselves to succeed so that they can rediscover the joy of dance, which will help them to not only be happy, but to succeed in their field.

Forgiveness Experience

Radical Forgiveness: A reframing of our inner realizations, whereby changing our internal dialogue about past negative experiences will lead to positive acceptance of them. With a mindset of gratitude, you will dance through the Radical Forgiveness process, choosing a person you want to forgive, and ending with a healing meditation to fully love and let go. This is an exercise in self-love, self-forgiveness, self-care, and self-respect!

Find Your Life’s Purpose & Creative Potential

What gifts do you have to offer to the world? What brings you joy? Dance away your fears and commit to living to your fullest potential. Choose the life you want to live with confidence! This session will incorporate teachings from The Bhagavad Gita to find a life of purpose and service.

Body, Mind, Intelligence, False Ego & Soul

We experience different aspects of ourselves on a moment to moment basis, yet we are often disconnected from them in our conscious mind. In this session, we will hear from Bhakti scriptures that speak to our truest identity. You will consciously “hang out” in and dance with each of these different aspects of yourself to discover what they are, and realize that happiness lies in connecting to the soul. 

Achieve Your Goals & Best Life

"All achievement doesn’t lead to fulfillment, yet all fulfillment requires some achievement."- Chaitanya Charan (author) The world often sets goals for us that are not in line with what our heart wants, and what is meaningful, but when we come in contact with our spiritual essence and find our part to play in the complete whole, we can achieve happiness. Yet, we sometimes still hide in fear and doubt, and don't reach our potential. In this class we will explore, feel, and let go of our blocks, set SMART goals, and commit to achieving them, all through a guided dance journey.