About Me

My name is Champaka. I grew up studying dance as my life’s breath since age 3. I trained with Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, STEPS on Broadway, Maryland Youth Ballet, Classical Ballet Academy, Northern VA Center for Dance & Theater, and have participated in the American Dance and White Mountain Summer Dance Festivals. I moved to NYC to chase my dancing dream, where I was accepted to Stella Adler Conservatory’s professional conservatory program.


Raised by a very spiritual Mom, my heart yearned to explore spiritual topics from a young age. This exploration continued during my time in New York and led me to read every spiritual and self-help book I could get my hands on. My focus naturally shifted from my dance career to the study of yoga, and I found a home at Jivamukti Yoga Studio, which is where I completed my 300-hour yoga teacher training in 2011.


After attending every meditation center, yoga studio, and church/temple/mosque/you name it I could find in the city, my pursuit of a spiritual life continued. I was deeply moved when I read Radhanath Swami’s autobiography “The Journey Within”, and I planned a 17-month pilgrimage to India to live in ashrams and study yoga, meditation, and spiritual living in 2012.

Woman twirling and smiling at camera

I have been living in Bhakti yoga ashrams in the 8 years since my India trip, and have become a monk, priest, Vedic scripture teacher, and most importantly, student. I have practiced mantra meditation for at least 2 hours a day since 2012, which has completely transformed my life. I am certified as a yoga nidra and prana vidya meditation teacher through Bhakti Center, NYC and Yogi Charu. My experiences have convinced me of our human capacity for self-healing through many modalities, but especially movement and dance. I am so excited and honored to combine my life in meditation, yoga, and healing with my dance background to bring you a unique offering: Soul Dance with Champaka.