A Guided Dance Journey Incorporating Yoga, Meditation & Energy Healing for Realizing Your Best Self

Woman Dancing
Woman raising arms in pose
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SOUL DANCE is about healing. We often allow disempowered areas of our lives to impede our wellbeing and our ability to serve others. The world needs your compassion and vision! Yet to be able to heal others, we first have to heal, inspire, and empower ourselves. SOUL DANCE will introduce you to the creative process of expressing yourself through movement, which has the profound ability to bring our lives back into a state of harmony.

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WELCOME everyone who wants to experience more ease, joy, and purpose in their lives

WELCOME individuals who desire self- transformation, recovery, renewal and the increased ability to relate with others and the world around them

WELCOME spiritual seekers wanting to connect with their highest selves in a supportive environment

WELCOME vision-oriented leaders, healers, social workers, students, and teachers who desire to dramatically increase their ability to serve & inspire others

WELCOME performers and artists who want to release their creative blocks, increase the quality and quantity of their work, and fall in love with their craft again

Please Expect:

EXPECT a joyful fusion of dance and yoga to connect to the body and open the mind

EXPECT a guided dance journey leading you through varied topics

EXPECT a guided meditation and pranic healing to process your experience

EXPECT progressive transformation the more courses you take

EXPECT an approachable teacher who is available to answer questions

Our philosophy is that everyone is a dancer. It does not matter if you have taken a dance class before. Tapping into movement is like tapping into our breath, breath gives life, and so does movement! Dancing helps us get past the accepting and rejecting mind and connect to our intuition, our heart space, and receive inner guidance from our deepest selves. 

Group jumping and dancing together

The most important thing for you to know about Soul Dance is that it is about your experience. It is a journey of healing the different layers of ourselves and expressing our emotions in a vulnerable and real way. The goal is to awaken our full creative potential, feel the magic and joy of life while being raw with the pain, and ultimately to realize our true innermost selves. 

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Let's learn together how to let go of all judgment. You weren’t born to be perfect. You were born to love and be loved. Fall on your face, dance in joy if you want to, cry if you need to, yell if you need to, twirl when you want to, and laugh at the beauty and weirdness of it all. Join us to free your inhibitions, unblock old patterns, and enter into a new paradigm of creative and personal potential.

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Ava Sullivan

I was a participant in Champaka's Soul Dance sessions through the Bhakti Center. We were guided over 5 sessions to use movement as a way to connect with ourselves and each other. As a teacher, Champaka is one of the most trustworthy and steadfast guides I have ever encountered. It was evident that each class had a purpose, and I felt each session built upon itself. Each class was rich with opportunities to reflect, jewels of knowledge from sacred texts, and movement to help shake free from barriers to self-discovery. Not only did I benefit from learning from her, but I broke a sweat in each class while we danced and prayed in bliss! It was a seamless experience of dance and deep spiritual discovery. I recommend the class wholeheartedly for anyone who is desirous to go deeper into a spiritual practice in a novel and ecstatic form.